Vodka Citrus Slush

Cool Slushies for Summer

Watermelon Slush Ingredients 2 cups of Lemon Mirinda/7 Up/Sprite, ¼ cup of sugar, ¼ cup of limejuice, and 10 cups of seeded and cubed…

Good Fats To Eat

As a diet, fat has gained undeserved reputation of being bad for health and weight loss. It is true that saturated fat is bad…

Aloe Vera

Know The Benefits Of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has been used for thousands of years all around the world and therefore it is very important to understand its various benefits…

Fiesta Chicken Recipe

How To Cook Luscious Chicken

If anyone, who is bored of the usual chicken dishes, wishes to have a special chicken entrée in his/her dinner, here is recipe of…


Low Glycemic Diet

Low glycemic diet is mostly followed by people having diabetics or those who wants to loose weight. The food that a person consumes won’t…

Eating Disorders

Irregular eating habits often have an adverse impact on the physiological and psychological well being of a person. Overeating, intake of inadequate amount of…

Veg Burger Recipe

Veg Burger Recipe

Veg burger is very popular snack among all of us. It can be made in combination of many types of patties and different vegetables….


Creamy Chicken Soup With Tofu

Chicken soup tastes great with almost any vegetable or other rich foods in it, but have you ever tried making chicken soup with some…

healthy tiffin box

5 Healthy Tiffin Box Recipes For Kids

Health and nutritious school lunch has a great importance for growing children. Generally kids don’t eat adequate breakfast before going to school. They spent…


The Spices of Life

No meal is really complete until the food tastes just that perfect. Food that lacks appeal and taste is as good as no food…

Healthy Diet for Eyes

Healthy Diet for Those Sparkling Eyes!

Those sparkling blue waters, lovely red sunshine, soft green landscapes…would never have been so colorful if you were not blessed with those lovely eyes….

Tacos with Beans

Tacos with Beans

This recipe of tacos is very easy to make and tastes delicious.The kids will love it; but it is a bit messy to eat….

creame bulree

Sinful Creme Brulee Recipe

Creme brulee is a classic rich dessert with a crisp, caramelized sugar coating that can be easily prepared in a jiffy with just a…


Diet for Improving Digestion

The overall well-being of our digestive system is greatly dependent on our diet intake.  If we eat recklessly, we are likely to develop a…

Diet for the healthy hair

Diet For The Healthy Hair

You should always try to have proper diet in order to keep your hair healthy. Diet for hair is equally important like we have…

How To Make Cheesecake Recipes

How To Make Cheesecake Recipes

A bite of that pleasantly soft cheese cake just seems to melt those problems away, doesn’t it?  Cheesecake aficionados can now revel in both…

Diet Plans That Work Effectively

Diet Plans That Work Effectively

By naturally boosting your metabolism one will be able to reduce gradually the calories and this would be one of the best approaches for…

Vitamin C

Vitamin C: Sour but Sweet

Vitamin C is an antioxidant essential for tissue growth and repair. They are also required for the metabolism of other amino acids and vitamins….

Apricot Chunks And Almond Cake

Apricot Chunks And Almond Cake

Here is a delicious almond and apricot cake recipe that will make you want to have more. This recipe is low fat and uses…

perricone diet

Perricone Diet

Perricon diet has acclaimed recent popularity, with two books getting published and reaching the best seller status. The books are authored and the diet…

Diet For Jaundice

In true sense jaundice is not a disease in itself. It is actually a symptom of other diseases that may have attacked you.In this…


Lamb Curry With Yogurt

Lamb is delicious. The meat of lamb is very soft and fat less. You can prepare various preparations with lamb that can go very…


Rice Risotto

Ever wonder if you can only make one thing and it would be good enough for all to eat. Something healthy and nutritious and…

How To Make Vanilla Wafer Cookies

How To Make Vanilla Wafer Cookies

Vanilla wafer cookies are simply scrumptious. These are easy to make. Whether you eat these cookies alone or in a variety of desserts, they…