1200 Calorie Diet

So you are here to lose weight This is the aim made by many companies and most of them promise quick weight reduction.

However while sticking to a diet; care should be taken to consume at least 1200 calories a day. 1200 calorie is the minimum recommended calorie for safe weight loss and is adequate to achieve nutritional balance and will provide energy required to keep the physiological process working. A lower calorie intake from this level reduces the metabolic rate and hinders weight loss.

Balance of Nutrients

Instead of taking anything to meet 1200 calorie include more nutritious foods that can supply ample nutrients to the body. The balance between major nutrient should be in such a manner that 55% of calories must come from carbohydrates, 15% from proteins and 30% from fats. Of the 30% of fats limit the percentage of saturated fats to 10%. Such a diet can meet the entire energy requirement of a person.

Sample Diet


Whole wheat English muffin- 1
Peanut butter- 1 tablespoon
Banana- ½

Mid morning Snack

Apple- 1
Almonds- 20


Whole wheat bread of low calorie- 2 slices
Turkey breast with low sodium- 2 ounce
Cheese- 1 ounce
Mustard- 1 tablespoon
Lettuce- 1
Tomato- 1
Orange- 1

Mid-afternoon Snack

Yogurt having low fat– 8 ounce


Skinless chicken breast broiled, grilled or baked- 3 ounce
Cooked broccoli or any vegetable- 1 cup
Brown rice- 23 cup

Evening Snack

1% milk- 1 cup
Low fat fig cookies- 2

Sample 2 – 1200 Calorie Diet


Bran cereal- 1 cup
Skim milk- 1 cup
Banana- 1


Sandwich made with tuna, whole grain bread plus low fat mayonnaise
Crudités made of carrot, celery, red pepper- 2 cups
Apple- 1 small apple

Afternoon Snack

Seltzer water with lemon


Chicken breast, grilled or baked- 3 ounce
Steamed green beans- ¾ cups
Salad made with one cup of lettuce, ½ cup grated carrot and ½ cup cherry tomatoes
Balsamic vinegar or olive oil- 2 teaspoons
Fresh peach- 1

Evening snack

Small pear- 1

1200 calorie diet does not have any specific accompanying exercise recommendation but daily exercise plays a major role in reducing the weight and also for improving the general health.

But greater level of physical exercise can’t be followed during this diet as the calorie consumption is too low to hold such strenuous exercises. Hence people who are exercising should consider that also in their calorie intake and should just follow the diet accordingly.