8 Rules To Get In Shape

If you want to shed all those extra unwanted kilos before your best friend’s wedding, you need to make sure you follow a proper diet. Don’t know what kind of diet? Don’t you worry! We list out some simple rules for you to get in shape and look your best.

Rule no1: Eating healthy food items at the right intervals is very important if you want to look nice and fit. Add lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet plan and completely avoid sugary foods and drinks.

Rule no2: Drink lots of water and foods containing fibers, as they’re filling. This includes fruits, leafy vegetables, soy milk, etc. This way you’ll end up eating less without starving.

Rule no3: Remember, never skip meals. If you think by skipping meals, you can quickly lose weight let us tell you that you’re absolutely wrong. If you skip meals regularly your body starts storing food and converts it to fat to use as an energy reserve. Moreover, starving will only make you hungrier. So, avoid skipping meals.

Rule no4: To boost your metabolism, it’s important to eat small meals every 2-3 hours, especially at night and at least 3 hours before going to bed. 3-5 small meals a day is a must. The best thing to do is to serve less food in your plate and avoid a second serving.

Rule no5: Cut down on alcohol, soft drinks, sugar and all foods containing processed sugar. Try and drink green tea instead of tea/coffee in the morning. You can sip a cup of normal tea/coffee in the evening, but if you can have it without sugar, nothing like it!

Rule no6: Start using low fat milk, yoghurt, ricotta cheese (paneer), egg whites, and little olive oil while cooking in place of whole milk, cream, cheddar cheese, butter etc.

Rule no7: Try and fill up on veggies cooked in very little olive oil for lunch. After a gap of two hours, eat a citrus fruit like may be an apple, orange, kiwi, pear or papaya. In the evening at around 5 pm you can have a small bowl of boiled sprouts with onion, tomatoes and lime juice and then a cup of tea/coffee. A handful of nuts, a soya khakra or a citrus fruit are a few more options if you’re not comfortable eating boiled sprouts in the evening.

Rule no8: Lastly, for dinner try and avoid carbs. In stead have a bowl of salad, vegetable, dal and curds.