A Healthy Weight Range

There are many parameters that will help you know if you are in the right body weight range. These are all proven methods that will tell you how much you ought to weigh, and also give you an idea of how much you will need to work to lose weight.

The Body Mass Index or the BMI is a number. This is calculated taking into account the height and the weight of the person. It can be a rather useful calculation, but is not really in favour of those who have muscular bodies. If you have a BMI between nineteen and twenty five, it is ideal. Those who are above this are overweight, and if you ave a BMI which is above thirty it means that you are obese.

The weight to hip ratio is another good indicator. What this measure does is actually tells you the distribution of fat in the body. To arrive at this figure, you will need to measure the circumference of the hip and the waist. Divide the measure of the waist by the measure of the hip. If this ratio is greater than 0.9 for a male, or 0.8 in the case of women, it means you will need to do something about it as you might be in danger of getting an ailment.

The waist size will also tell you something about how the fat is distributed in the body. A size which is over thirty five inches in men, and one above forty inches in men is a sign of being grossly overweight.

There are many other indicators which you can be advised by a dietitian or at the gym. These all use different parameters of the body and try and arrive at some calculation which will indicate at what level of fitness and good health you are. There are still other methods, some of which involve calculations when the body is under water.

The ideal amount of body fat in a woman is between fifteen and twenty percent, while in a man it would be between ten and twenty percent. Anything beyond these ranges in either is considered as being overweight.