Amazing Diet to Loose Weight

Now days, a fat tummy is no more a small thing. According to a survey, every third person is having a bulging tummy and the main reason responsible for this is “food”. So does this mean that if we want to stay fit and loose weight then we will have to stop eating? Well, if you really think this and if any of you is by any chance following the same thing then you are totally wrong.

In fact you may not know this; but to stop eating food just in urge to loose weight can really prove to be a health hazard. In the beginning it may seem to be real easy and amazing too but in the long run this can really ruin your health.

There are a lot many things through which one can loose weight and stay fit and believe you me, for all this; all that you need to do is eat, eat and eat. Sounds disgusting?? Well, read on to know the hidden secret behind this fact.

Here is how you can loose weight by eating food and when I said no dieting, then that means that no dieting at all:

The first thing that you must follow is, eat at least five to six times a day. In these five to six times, includes three of your regular meals and it is advised that the meals that you take should not be heavy at all. The main thing to understand by eating six times is not to overeat but eat little every time so that it gets digested easily. Apart from your meals, take fresh veggies around eleven in the morning and make sure that you take your breakfast at nine. After lunch at 1, take 2 oatmeal cookies with a cup of tea (no coffee) at 4 and some fruits at 6. After this, you can have dinner at anytime between 8-9.

Include lots and lots of roughage in your diet by taking fibrous food. Apart from all this, drink loads and loads of water so that all the undigested food is flushed out from your body on a regular basis. Walk for fifteen minutes every day for best results.

So, follow this weight loss diet where in you really do not have to go on a diet and just see what it does to you.