Antipasto Salad Recipe

Antipasto salad is the salad that is served before meals and is the first course of a formal Italian meal. Antipasto salad is served at the tables and consists of many things such as meat, olives, marinated vegetables, marinated small pepper.

Different types of cheeses like provolone, mozzarella, canned or salted tiny fishes, bruschetta, bread toast etc. Bread toast is used to top cheese and meat and most of the antipasto is served with olive oil topping. The meat in antipasto includes pork-sausage with lumps of fat, smoked ham, salami, prosciutto etc and can be selected as per the individual taste.

Antipasto salad helps to enjoy the food slowly which in turn aids in better digestion. Antipasto salads help to lower the risk of breast and prostate cancer and prevent cataracts. Low calorie Antipasto salad can be made and following is such a recipe.

Ingredients for Making the Dressing

Olive oil– two tablespoon with two teaspoon
Diced onion- two tablespoons
Lemon juice- one tablespoon
Red wine vinegar- one tablespoon
Drained capers- one tablespoon
Combine all the dressing ingredients in a small bowl and keep aside.

Ingredients for Marinated Vegetable Mixture

Blanched cauliflower florets– two cups
Blanched asparagus spears- 24
Cooked and frozen Artichoke hearst- nine ounce
Bottled and drained cocktail onions- quarter cup
Canned and drained anchovies- six filets
Minced garlic clove- one
Basil leaves, oregano leaves, pepper and salt- quarter teaspoon each

Get a glass bowl and add asparagus, cauliflower, artichoke hearts, anchovies and cocktail onions and toss them well with the prepared salad dressing. Refrigerate the contents over night after tossing it for several times.

How to Arrange the Salad

Romaine lettuce leaves- eight
Sliced turkey salami- six ounce
Sliced provolone cheese- six ounce
Canned and drained chick peas- six ounce
Medium tomatoes- two cut in to eights
Small pimiento stuffed green olives- 16
Sliced large and pitted black olives- eight

For serving, line the platter with lettuce and keep the turkey salami around the edges of the platter. Then wrap the asparagus spears with cheese and arrange it on the platter next to salami.

Toss the marinated vegetables again and roll up the anchovies and keep on the platter with a caper in between each roll. Keep the vegetable mixture in the center of the platter and spread chick peas over the entire salad.

Use tomatoes and olives to decorate the salad by placing it alternatively to get the attractive color. Use the remaining salad dressing to pour over the salad and serve. This helps people to enjoy a low calorie antipasto salad.