Apple Diet For Weight Loss

Apple Diet For Weight Loss Apples are wholesome fruits with zero fat that belong to the rose family. A medium-sized fruit contains just around eighty calories while providing the body with two percent of its day-to-day requirements of iron as well as vitamin A and eight percent of daily requirement of vitamin C.

It is rich in water-soluble and insoluble dietary fiber that many of us fail in getting in adequate amounts from our diet. Hence, as a result, one sees fullness and satiety on comparatively lesser calories. The antioxidant power of flavonoids found in apple yet again brings it into the limelight. The phytochemicals present in apples is what actually keeps the doctor at bay. The high amounts of boron as well as pectin in apples facilitate digestion.

Apples And Weight Loss – Apple Diet

The Apple diet basically revolves around the key mantra of consuming three apples daily, pre-meals which can be contributory to weight reduction. Hence, fullness is felt prior to consuming any other food and lesser tendency of overeating on the whole. Sensible eating coupled with a personalized workout plan is necessary for optimal results.

Step I

The dietary fiber and water presence in apple reduces appetite and averts any other food/sweet cravings when eaten prior to breakfast, lunch and dinner. Moreover, when one chews on a firm apple it aids in triggering the brain and a sense of satiation is felt.

Step II

Try diverse varieties of apples in different colours like red, pink, yellow and green;  each have their unique taste and textures. Several newer types of apples have become available that have been crossbred.

Step III

Alas, one strips the fruit of numerous nutrients whenever it is eaten sans the peel/skin. The peel of a medium-sized apple is known to hold majority of the insoluble fiber, almost fifty percent of vitamin C, most of the folate, a considerable amount of vitamin A and loads of minerals like potassium, phosphorus, calcium content of the entire fruit.

Apple Diet For Weight Loss

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Hence, leaving the skin intact while eating it provides the body with the complete nutritional package and thus proffering greater energy, lesser likelihood of overeating and a sense of satisfaction which facilitates weight reduction.

Step IV

The dieter is recommended to consume 4-5 smaller, nourishing and well-balanced meals in conjunct with three apples eaten daily. One must also lay emphasis on snacking healthy interspersed between the three main meals such as a mid-morning snack and an afternoon snack.

A lean protein source like turkey, fishes, egg, less-fat milk items such as yoghurt or cottage cheeses, leaner cut of dark meats is mandatory during each one of the 5 meals. Intake of 6 serves of veggies and fruits in addition to the 3 apples eaten daily is instructed along with drastic restriction on intake of white/processed sugar and incorporating carbohydrates with low GI (glycemic index) to maintain stabilized blood glucose levels. Plentiful intake of water along with meals is also suggested.

Step V

Implementing a healthy way of life is equally important. Merely chomping down on an apple ahead of a meal and not doing anything besides that wouldn’t yield the desired results. Incorporate some form of physical activity like playing with children, taking the dog for a walk, gardening or doing household chores do count in the long run to attain and maintain your target weight. Start doing strength training and aerobic exercises to achieve weight loss goal faster.

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