Are You Overeating? Its Time To Stop And Check This Habit

Overeating as we all know is a habit of eating more than required. It is the habit of eating more than excess food in comparison to the energy lost in work by the individual. Overeating often leads to obesity and excess weight gain. It is also often referred to as Binge Eating Disorder.

Overeating leads to a lot o problems like obesity, heart problems, cholesterol accumulation and diabetes. People should be aware of their appetite and control it to the required limit. Just because one eats, it doesn’t mean to go on eating until one feels uncomfortable by doing so.

Here we bring to you certain steps which will help you to stop the habit of overeating and save you from numerous health problems. The overeating person should always go for a smaller plate when it comes to having food. Doing so, he won’t feel the need to take his plate over flown with food and thereby take lesser food.

As such, his regular intake will become lesser day by day. He should also drink lots of water which will make him full and his huger pangs will be lesser in due course. You need to get to doing other activities and work to deviate yourself from your hunger pangs.

Doing this, you will tend to forget your hunger and can give time to your work also apart from that food! Whenever you feel hungry, wait for few minutes before you go to the food plate. This will help you both to have patience and also to control your hunger in future. Apart from this, give time to exercise.

This will give you time not to munch on food continuously and also keep your body fit and burn those extra calories accumulated by munching. Keep your mind off food for sometime. Try to think something else apart from how to lay your hands on the next food munchies.

Doing so will keep your appetite away and also divert your mind to other things around. Try to maintain a food diary. A food diary contains the list of food one has in a day, the quantity and the calorie accumulated in due course along with the regulated weight count. While doing so, you will tend less to overeat and focus more on maintaining your diet and weight together.