Authentic Fortune Cookies Recipe

Fortune Cookies Recipe The crispy crescent-shaped fortune cookie bearing a tucked in ‘fortune’ (chit of paper bearing a message) is typically served as the final course of a meal in Chinese eateries across the U.S. and several other nations. Custom-made advice or forecast messages are then read by the diners on breaking open the cookies.

For the next big occasion, easily whip up a batch of authentic homemade fortune cookies that taste spectacular and are really enjoyable to prepare.

You can add a delicious twist to this recipe by dipping the fortune cookies in melted chocolate soon after molding them and then some coconut shreds or multi-coloured sprinkles can be scattered over them.

Preparation Time: 15 minutes
Cooking Time: 15 minutes
Serves: 10


White part of egg (2)
Vanilla and Almond Extract (half teaspoon each)
Canola oil (three tablespoons)
Arrowroot (1.5 teaspoons)
Plain flour (60 grams)
Butter (2 tablespoons)
Salt (one-quarter teaspoon)
White granular sugar (100 grams)
Water (three teaspoons)
Food colouring of choice (optional, half teaspoon)


Cut paper into sixteen 2 by ½ inch strips and inscribe personalized fortunes on each of them using a non-toxic pen. The oven is to be pre-heated to 375 degrees and a baking tray must be greased using butter or non-stick cooking spray. For optimal results cold baking trays must be chosen and ideally using duo trays is better as the waiting period is considerably minimized when you are set to prepare an entire batch of them.

Whisk the white part of duo eggs in a medium-sized bowl till they are just folded. Now pour the duo types of pure extracts, butter and canola oil into the eggs and blend them till you get a foamy appearance though avoid reaching a stage where the mixture turns stiff.

In another vessel sieve the arrowroot, plain flour, granular sugar and salt and add the water. Mix well till no lumps are left and then pour it into the egg whites mix. Continue stirring till a silky consistency is achieved though the mix mustn’t be watery and must dribble away with ease from the mixing ladle.

If you are keen on preparing coloured fortune cookies then pour the food colour and mix well. Pour a tablespoon each of the batter on the baking tray, making sure to maintain a minimum gap of three inches between them. Avoid baking more than four cookies per sheet as they require space to spread.

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The batter can be spread by either using the backside of spoon, butter knife or by gently titling the tray backwards, forwards as well as sideways to form circles that are two inches in radius. Thinly spread batter translates to crisper and drier cookies on cooling down. If batter is spread rather thickly then the resultant cookies too would be thicker and not crisping up once cooled and the fortune within might adhere or glue to the cookie.

The batter is to be cooked till the outer one-half inch rim of every cookie just starts turning golden brownish, though the centers ought to remain pale and they can be easily lifted out with spatulas. This would take approximately six minutes. Now, remove the baked discs one-by-one from the tray and place on a wax paper.

The secret to making good fortune cookies is working as swiftly as you can (20 seconds is all the time you have) since no sooner have they cooled down then they are no longer bendable and turn brittle and break.

Take a warm cookie in your hand and gently put the fortune chit in its center. The cookie is now to be folded into half forming a semicircular shape after which its edges are to be tenderly pulled downwards over the edge of a mug, measuring cup or glass. After manipulating the final shape, the cookie is to be placed in a muffin tin so that its shape is retained.

Enjoy the looks on your loved ones faces as they read fortunes written just for them.