Beautiful Hearty Strawberries

Strawberries are undoubtedly most attractive fruit with its luscious red color and beautiful heart-like shape, any fruit basket that has strawberry in it becomes the centre of attraction. The strawberries hail from the rose family and that explains how it manages to be so good looking.

Time ago, strawberries were used as medicinal herbs, owing its origin in ancient Rome where it was considered a symbol of Venus, the love Goddess. Apart from the traditional use of it and its virtual attraction, strawberries also have a nutritional value. Strawberries are packed with vitamin C. They are best eaten raw in its own form and shape as chopping or crushing them reduces the quantity of the vitamin considerably. They are also rich in folic acid that reduces birth side-effects and nerve disorders, so it is ideal for moms-to-be.

Its biggest benefit is that it fights cancer as it contains ellagitannin, a compound known to fight cancer. People who eat strawberries are three times safer from contracting cancer than people who do not eat it. Strawberries can be the best delight for all those weight watchers. Strawberries are really low in calories, a mere 55 if you eat one cup full of fresh strawberries. So add it up in your diet with more of benefits and less consideration about your waist-line.

Strawberries also help protect your teeth; you can use mashed strawberries to remove the tartar that gets deposited on your teeth and gums. Just rub the paste and let the juice of the fruit to stay on your teeth for some time and then wash your mouth with luke-warm water.It is very important to keep in mind that because they are quiet perishable, strawberries should be eaten fresh and not stored for long.

Strawberries like any other fruit should be washed and cleaned properly before consumption.Apart from various health benefits, strawberries also help in keeping the skin glowing. It is a very good anti aging agent. It is a delicious way to keep your skin young, radiant and plump. Also, strawberries can be had in as many tempting and delicious ways possible. Strawberry with fresh cream, with vanilla ice-cream, strawberry milkshake or just strawberry, for that matter, everything is equally mouth watering.