Benefits Of An Oatmeal Diet

Benefits Of An Oatmeal Diet  Recently, the benefits of oatmeal are being lauded from all quarters. Whether it is the necessity of fibre in your daily diet or a quest to lose weight, an oatmeal diet can help you to achieve a healthy body.

A simple grain that is considered to be a natural source of fibre and extremely nutritious, the oatmeal diet is perfect for those who are willing to indulge in a healthy weight loss plan.

And if you follow a strict oatmeal diet, you can lose up to 10 pounds within a month. Moreover, the oatmeal diet provides a convenient option for those who find it difficult to stick to the prescribed foods.

Instant oatmeal can be easily bought from the store and takes very little time to be prepared. Even oatmeal snacks are quite rampantly sold in stores and offer a healthy alternative for those on the go. Therefore, whether you are staying at home or going to work, the oatmeal diet is ideal for losing weight.

How Does the Oatmeal Diet Work?

The oatmeal diet basically calls upon a diet plan that requires you to consume a certain amount of oatmeal on a daily basis. You can supplement it with fruits and vegetables but, if you follow an extreme oatmeal diet, you are only required to have different variations of this food.

Therefore, if you opt for the stricter version, you are likely to consume oatmeal for all your meals. And those opting for a slightly lenient version can have a low fat, low calorie lunch and dinner along with oatmeal breakfasts and snacks in between meals. The reason behind oatmeal’s success in inducing weight loss lies in its highly soluble fibres.

These are capable of keeping the stomach full for longer periods, reducing the craving for food. Moreover, most people tend to include oatmeal in their breakfast. And research says that a healthy breakfast induces faster weight loss in people willing to shed those extra pounds.

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The 30 Day Oatmeal Diet

If you are really willing to lose weight with the oatmeal diet, try it out for a month. This would basically consist of three oatmeal meals daily along with low fat snacks in between meals. When you start the diet, you have to be absolutely strict and adhere to only oatmeal for your daily food intake.

You have to take at least half a cup of whole oatmeal for every meal. During this time, instant oatmeal or the processed oatmeal snacks available in the market are strictly forbidden.

So, try to devise different methods for having the oatmeal. You can have it with half cup skimmed milk or complement it with fresh fruits as snacks. Overall, the daily calorie consumption during this time must range from 900 to 1200 calories daily.

After completion of the first seven days of your diet, you can include instant oatmeal to your daily foods. But, be sure to have those that have low sugar and fat content. With each serving of around 300 calories the total calorie consumption must now be raised to about 1000 to 1300 calories on a daily basis.

Gradually, start introducing healthy snacking options including fruits, vegetables and yogurt. Couple your oatmeal diet with exercise for greater weight loss and maximum benefits.