Benefits of Drinking Juices

Everyone knows that fruits and vegetables are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and hundreds of other substances that protect against cancer and other diseases.

Both mainstream physicians and alternative practitioners advice their patients to eat more fruits and vegetables, preferably raw or with minimal processing in order to preserve their nutrients.

Fruits and vegetable juices are one way to add fruits and vegetables to your daily diet. It is easy to consume.

That is why people prefer juices than eating them whole. Swallowing is much easier than chewing. Juices keep our body hydrated and they provide all the nutrients of the fruits and vegetables they are made from.

But fresh fruits and vegetables, when compared with juices, is better because juices remove pulp and fiber which are needed to clear up bowel. Moreover juices can be high in calories.

For example one fresh orange has about 60 calories and 3g of fiber. But one cup of fresh orange juice has about 110 calories and less than 1 gm of fiber.

When you buy juices choose the unsweetened varieties that do not have added sugar. Stay away from popular fruit drinks or fruit punch that are sold in the markets. These drinks are in general not nutritionally equivalent to fruit juices. They are higher in sugar content because in most cases corn syrup is mixed with them.

Apart from that, often other additives are mixed instead of actual fruit juice. Vegetable juices tend to have less sugar than fruit juices.

The only caution with canned or bottled vegetable juices is their high salt content. So before buying them check the labels carefully and select a salt-reduced juice.

In spite of these negative points, research has found that the risk of Alzheimer’s lowers by 76 percent among those who drink fruit and vegetable juices regularly than in those who hardly drink it. Fruit and vegetable juices also lower the risk of dementia and keep the brain alert.

This is due to polyphenols, a strong antioxidant, which is present in both fruit and vegetables.

They are mainly found in the outer skin or the peel. So when you crush the whole fruits and vegetables to extract juice, the skin is also crushed and this antioxidant is released into the juices. It is believed that polyphenols prevent the protein deposition in brain and prevent Alzheimer’s disease.