Benefits of Mother’s Milk

Mother’s milk is especially designed for human baby by the nature. For the first few months it is the only ideal food of the human baby. Breast milk contains right balance of nutrition and it can be easily digested by the immature body of the baby. It is the gentlest of all substance and contains fats, carbohydrates and proteins in the most balanced amount.

Mother’s milk contains six types of vitamins and immunological elements that help to enhance newborn’s immunity system and enables it to fight with bacteria, viruses and other infections. Breast feeding creates a beautiful relation between mother and child. Mother’s milk helps in brain development and overall development of a baby.

A human baby survives mostly on brain power than on physical development. Proper and rapid development of brain and nervous system is needed. Breast fed babies shows intelligence more than those babies who do not feed on breast milk. Breast milk contains such nutrients that best promote brain growth and nervous system development. In breast milk there are certain types of fats called fatty acid chains. It helps to develop better eye function. The sugar and the proteins that are present in the human milk are easily digestible.

Only human mother’s milk has different kinds of immunological elements or disease fighting factors. It helps to prevent different types of infection – mild or severe. Research has shown that breast fed babies are more healthy than those babies who do not breast feed and they suffer less in gastrointestinal, respiratory, ear and urinary infection. Antibodies in human body directly protects human baby from different kinds of infection.

Mother’s milk is the most easily digestible food that your baby can receive. Your baby needs to spend less energy to digest mother’s milk completely. Easily digestible food is necessary for the immature digestive system of baby. If a baby is given such foods that pressurize its digestive system at its infancy, then the baby grows with a weak digestive system in future. It is the best fuel of your baby’s body.

Mother’s milk is the perfect first food that a baby can have for every aspect of perfect growth and development. A baby needs to do less work to digest milk and to get the maximum benefit.