Blackstrap Molasses Benefits

The dark, flavored sweet syrup obtained from the process of refining sugarcane into table sugar is known as blackstrap molasses. You would be surprised to read that its bittersweet taste provides different flavors and tastes to various food items like baked beans and ginger bread.

Blackstrap molasses syrup is loaded with number of nutrients like iron, copper, calcium, proteins, manganese and magnesium etc. It acts as a perfect natural sweetener for those who are highly conscious about their calorie intakes since it is totally cholesterol-free and fat-free.

Read the article below to explore more health benefits of blackstrap molasses!

You would be glad to read that since blackstrap molasses is rich in high calcium content, it wonderfully helps in carrying out various physiological activities like removal of toxins from colon, prevention of migraine attacks and bones strengthening.

As blackstrap molasses are highly rich in copper content, it helps in production of melanin and connective tissues. Also, it magically eliminates the free radicals from body.

You would happy to read that only 2 tbsp of blackstrap molasses syrup helps in fulfilling the 18% daily requirements of manganese in body. This helps in attaining healthy nervous system and balanced cholesterol level in body.

The presence of good amount of potassium in this syrup helps in maintaining pH and electrolyte balance in the body.

You would be extremely happy to know that blackstrap molasses is rich in selenium which is a wonderful antioxidant that helps in preventing cancer ailments.

Its regular intake also helps in preventing and curing anti-aging effects on body.

Blackstrap molasses is highly rich in vitamin B6 that aids in cellular reactions which takes place in body. Also, it wonderfully maintains the functioning of brain system in a healthy way.

This wonderful syrup helps in boosting the iron stores in body and provides you good amount of energy. Your body can get nourished with good amount of iron content just by having 2 tbsp of blackstrap syrup per single day.

The presence of magnesium in syrups aids in stabilizing extra calcium in body. It helps in avoidance of calcium entering into nerve cells, aids in extra calcium storage and provides bones a good physical structure.