Brinjal Curry Recipe

Have you had a delicious entrée with brinjal in your dinner? If you never had one, you can try a spicy item called brinjal curry. It is a dish made with Brinjal, potatoes and tomatoes.

Brinjal curry is one of the vegetable dishes which are very popular in South India. Usually it is served with Rice or Dosa in the dinner or in the breakfast.
Since the brinjal has the capacity to reduce high blood cholesterol, it is better for your heart health and can be added to your healthy diet.

If you are a vegetarian, Brinjal curry can be a better entrée in your dinner. The step by step instructions to cook a brinjal curry are dictated in this article. You can follow them and prepare a luscious brinjal curry for your next dinner.


Brinjal ¼ kg
Potato 1
Tomatoes 3
Green Chilies 5
small Onions 7
Garlic Cloves 3
Vegetable Oil 1 teaspoon
Mustard Seeds 1 teaspoon
Curry Leaves
Coriander leaves


Since you are going to cook all the vegetable in a pressure cooker, you need to get a pressure cooker first. Now cut brinjal, tomatoes, green chilies, onion, and potato into appropriate sizes. Then, pour enough water to the pressure cooker and put all these vegetables into it.

Add required salt and garlic paste to it. You have to cook this mixture until brinjal and potato get well cooked. Then, remove the pressure cooker from fire and transfer the mixture to a bowl (you can do it after letting the steam released from the cooker).

Now, crush them into gravy thick using a round bottomed spoon and keep it aside. After that, take a pan and heat it pouring vegetable oil to it. When oil gets hotter, add mustard seeds and curry leaves.

When they get  fried shallowly, turn out the flame and pour it into the gravy you kept aside. Now check the salt in the gravy. If it is not enough, you can add it in this stage stirring it well. You can pour the thick gravy into a serving plate. Your brinjal curry is prepared. To make it attractive, garnish it with the chopped coriander leaves.