Butt Firming Exercises For A Beautiful Bum

Butt Firming Exercises For A Beautiful Bum Tone, lift and tighten all the right muscles in your butt for a sexy, perfectly sculpted derriere that is sure to get a lot of eyeballs rolling.

Butt Firming Exercises For A Beautiful Bum!

Bird-Dog Exercise

This is a great exercise that targets the butt muscles while also strengthening the abdominals and lower back. Position yourself on all fours i.e., hands directly below your shoulders and knees below the buttocks. Maintain a flat back with the core engaged as the right arm (with thumb pointed upwards) and left leg are raised concurrently.

With left leg straightened out, the left gluteal (buttock) muscle is then squeezed. Come down slowly and repeat the same steps with the left arm and right leg outstretched while squeezing the right gluteal muscle. Contracting the gluteal muscle helps in working and tightening it. Perform 25 to 30 repetitions on alternating sides.

Mule Kicks Exercise

The genius of this exercise can be instantly felt while doing the repetitions that assist in strengthening and defining the muscles of your buttocks. While still maintaining the position on all fours lift one leg up in the air and try kicking straight up towards the roof with one heel, holding the position for a second while on top.

Avoid arching the back or moving your hips too much while you kick. Contract your abdominal muscle, squeeze your buttocks hard and kick forcefully after which slowly lower that leg down, though not touching the exercise mat. Fifteen repetitions are performed on each leg.

Butt Firming Exercises For A Beautiful Bum

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Curtsy Lunges Exercise

This variation of the regular lunges is performed by literally crossing the legs and knees turned out a little bit more than what is normally done in regular lunges. Commence by standing erect with feet placed at a distance of hip width away. After positioning hands over the sides of the hips one then steps behind with the right leg and crosses it at the back of the left leg.

At the same time you would also be lowering yourself till your frontally placed left leg is bent while placing body load on the front heel and left thigh is almost parallel to the ground. Maintain an upright trunk and the shoulder line never positioned ahead of the hip line. You can feel the stretch in the left gluteal muscle while performing these moves.

After returning to beginning position one then performs fifteen repetitions. The hands can be taken off the hips once balance is attained. The same steps are re-done while one steps back with the left leg. A bench and even hand weights can be used to increase intensity of these lunges as you build up to the challenge.

Air Scoop Exercise

This pose is similar to the warrior pose in yoga and really tones up the buttocks. Stand upright while keeping the abdominal muscles tight and try balancing on the heel of the right leg while slowly hoisting the left leg up in the air to as much extent as possible as you tip forwards, with hands stretched out to the sides, parallel to the shoulders.

Avoid bending the right feet while raising the left feet till it is almost parallel to the ground. Hold the pose for three seconds and then gradually return to starting position though not touching the floor and repeat. Eight to ten repetitions are performed on either side.

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