Chicken Stir Fry

This dish of chicken stir fry tastes best with rice and it is healthy because chicken is high in protein and since it is stir fried there is less oil used in its preparation. It can be eaten as part of your main course and should be eaten with brown rice to make it even healthier.

Boil brown rice in a pan with water. Cover while boiling. It will take at least forty minutes to get done. Once all the water has evaporated; keep it aside. For the chicken stir fry heat  one tablespoon of olive oil in a flat thick bottom pan. To this ass some broccoli florets and red and yellow capsicums cut in to cubes. Stir fry for two to three minutes. Add one teaspoon of ginger, garlic and green chili paste and stir fry again. Remove from gas and keep aside.

In another thick bottom pan add half a teaspoon of olive oil and add the boneless chicken pieces. Keep mixing the pieces so that they do not stick together. Now add one bundle of finely cut and cleaned spinach leaves and one packet of chopped mushrooms. Cook till all the water evaporates. Once slightly dry add some soy sauce and tomato sauce and also salt to taste. Mix well. Add the vegetables in to this and cook for five minutes. Remove from gas and serve hot on a bed of rice.

if you are serving this dish to guests at a party, roast some cashew nuts in an oven and mix it while cooking the chicken. It makes the rice a little more rich and exotic. You can also use the cashews as a garnish. It is a complete meal and is very healthy. It contains spinach and other vegetables, and also the chicken. Your children will be eating a whole meal in one portion, and you will find no complaints from them.

Any leftovers can be refrigerated and you can cook it further the next day and make it dry. you can eat it as a starter for an evening snack. Avoid reheating this too much, as it will affect the tenderness of the chicken.