Chinese Starters

Chinese food is popular in almost all parts of the world. Chinese food is not only healthy but also quick and easy to make. It would be lovely to invite friends over and serve only soup and starters. When people have a dinner they serve so many snacks that nobody actually enjoys the main course. So why not try this option.

One easy and quick Chinese starter is kung pao okra. For this you will need to get about one kilo of long lady fingers. Heat oil in a pan and add two tablespoons of grated garlic and ginger. Add three to four mashed green chillies and cook till brown. Now add the washed and cleaned lady fingers and cook till soft.

In a separate bowl, mix together soy sauce, tomato ketchup and red chilli sauce. Add this to the okra and toss the mixture well. Serve hot. You can also add boiled potatoes cut long, along with the okra. This can be served with honey chilli sauce.

Corn curd is another very tasty and easy to make starter. For this you will need one can of sweet corn soup. Remove this into a large pan. To this add ten to twelve tablespoons of corn flour powder, salt, pepper and a pinch of white pepper powder. Mix all the ingredients well and cook on a high flame for twenty minutes, or till the mixture becomes thick and sticky. Once it thickens remove from the gas and pour it onto a greased square cake tin.

Refrigerate for five to six hours or till the mixture becomes stiff. Remove from the fridge and cut the set mixture into small rectangular pieces and deep fry in hot oil. Corn curd needs to be served with honey chilli sauce. For the sauce mix together water honey and lots of chopped mint leaves.

For the next starter chop carrot and French beans lengthwise. Clean and cut Chinese greens. Chop mushrooms and broccoli. Heat oil and add the vegetables and the greens. Stir fry the vegetables. In another bowl mix one cup of water with one tablespoon of corn flour and one teaspoon of soy sauce. Add this to the vegetables and cook for five minutes. Serve hot. Your dinner is sure to be a complete hit with these delicious starters.