Chocolate And Biscuit Pudding

This dessert is very easy to make and will be a hit at any party that you are planning. It is actually made using biscuits, but when given to your guests, they will more think that it is a cake. It looks so beautiful, and looks like it is very elaborate, and lots of time and pain has gone into making it. It hardly takes over ten minutes.

To start with, you will need a pan. Mix together in it about one hundred grams of drinking chocolate powder. Add two to three teaspoons of cocoa powder, two cups of milk, one cup of water and three teaspoons of corn flour. Mix them well using a regular spoon and see that the powders have dissolved well and leave no lumps. Heat this on the gas stirring it continuously.

The cornflour will make the mixture thicken. Once it is thick enough, remove from the gas. This can be stored in the fridge and you can make your dessert even after two to three days. If it becomes solid, you can add a little milk and mix it again. Do not reheat or lumps will form.

You need a few packets of biscuits which are both sweet and salty. Using a pair of tongs, pick a biscuit up and mix it in the chocolate mixture, and coat it thickly. Put it in a serving dish. Make a full layer of this, and over it you can keep adding more.

After you have about three layers made, refrigerate this for a while. You can eat this as it is. If you aking it for a dinner party, add whipped cream on the top and sprinkle grated chocolate all over it. The biscuits will be soft from the chocolate sauce and the dessert will actually and taste like a cake with layers of chocolate in between.

As variations, you can add some vanilla ice cream to make it a frozen dessert. Make sure that the biscuits are thick. They taste best when slightly salty, although you can use regular biscuits as well. It is a great dessert anytime!