Cholesterol Diet

Cholesterol of your body is present in your blood. Cholesterol level is measured in milligrams per deciliter.The level of cholesterol determines heart diseases. Normal cholesterol level should be less than 200mg/deciliter. Imbalanced level of cholesterol is due to eating fried foods, smoking, drinking liquor and consuming tobacco. There are some medicines available in the market to control the cholesterol level in the body. You should eat low cholesterol diet. Given below are some cholesterol diet tips.

You should always consume foods with low calories and low fats. You should avoid oily foods, as it can increase your cholesterol level and hence it can raise the formation waxy cholesterol plaques in your blood vessels.You should try to cook your foods in canola and olive oils. It will help to lower the cholesterol level and keep your heart healthy.You should not eat foods with too much of carbohydrates.You should include low fat milk in your diet. Use of fatty milk increase the cholesterol level and increases the chance of heart diseases.

Red meat is not your heart friendly. You should include lean and trim meat like chicken, fish and turkey in your diet, because these meats raise less cholesterol level as compared to red meat. You should include soya protein product in your diet. It helps to lower your cholesterol level.

You should try to buy low fat and low cholesterol level foods from the market. You should eat fresh fruits and vegetables. You should include light exercises to your daily schedule, as it burns excessive calories and helps in low down the cholesterol level. Overweight also results in high cholesterol as well. You should eat diet low in saturated fats. You should try to consume fiber rich foods Mediterranean diet is a very good low cholesterol diet.

This diet includes grains, fruits, vegetables and fish and also poultry products.Mayo clinic diet is a low cholesterol diet as well. It includes healthy food items like green leafy vegetables. You should include oat meal in your diet. You should low down the use of butter and sour cream. You should also try to eat boiled foods instead of fried foods.