Conquer Your Sugar Craving

Do you crave a candy or a scoop of ice cream or a piece of cake after every meal or once in a day? Or do you need a sweetened aerated drink at every meal. Then you definitely have a sweet tooth.
But you should remember that each each time you give into that craving you are opening the doors to obesity, diabetes and oral diseases. Here are few tips to control your sugar cravings that may help you stop at one slice of that pastry rather than opt for the whole cake.

Sugar craving can be habitual and most people think of it as a comfort food and the best way to end a meal. The cravings may also be caused due to low serotonin levels and some form of depression. The emotional imbalance may cause our brains to crave sugar.

Controlling this is highly necessary because sugar by itself has no nutritional value and just adds to the calories. These extra calories mean obesity and other unwanted health problems. For getting a grip on your sugar cravings try and distract yourself by getting some exercise. Exercise will stimulate the chemicals in the brain that will help elevate your mood.

Cut back on the calories that you consume so that your craving for sugar also reduces. While you go grocery shopping stay away from picking up stuff that are high in calories, you can read the ingredients label to figure out the amount of calories present in that.

Stick to two or three dishes at each meal time , so that your brain isnt faced with too many flavors. You may tend to overeat because of this as your brain will take longer to get satisfied. Use side dishes that have slight hint of sweetness in them so that your taste buds are satisfied and you wouldnt want a big dessert afterwards.

There are many fruits and vegetables that are naturally sweet and offer vitamins, mineral and other important phytochemicals necessary for your body. You can top your dishes with honey and add fruits like cranberries, pears, raisins, melons and other nuts. This will give you the desired nutrition and the sweet flavor. If you are opting for dishes with sweet flavor, ensure that your food isnt overloaded with sugar and isnt fried or high in fat.