Control Your Cholesterol Levels With A Balanced Diet

Control Your Cholesterol Levels With A Balanced Diet Thousands of people all over the world are under medication to get a control over the cholesterol levels. But the simplest and easiest way to keep your cholesterol levels in check is by having a balanced diet. This will also help you to stay fit and healthy. Some useful permanent changes in your diet chart can help in reducing the cholesterol levels. It also reduces the risk of many other harmful diseases.


Cholesterol is a wax type of a material which is formed in almost all the parts of your body. Some amount of cholesterol levels are needed by your body to function properly. It helps in the production of a few hormones, creation of the cell tissues and vitamin D. It also helps to produce substances which are need for digesting the food. But a high level of cholesterol in your body increases the risk of getting a stroke or a heart attack. It also increases the risk of other dangerous diseases.

Some Basic Things to be followed to Control your cholesterol levels

Know Your Cholesterol Levels

It is very important for you to know your cholesterol levels properly before you start controlling it by a balanced diet. There are two kinds of cholesterol in your body. One is the HDL, the good type of cholesterol and the other is the LDH, the bad type of cholesterol. For a standard human being a cholesterol level of less than 200mg/dL, combination of HDL and LDH level, is appropriate. Even a little more than that level is taken to be a higher level.

Foods Which Help to Control Cholesterol Levels

There are few types of food which helps in controlling the cholesterol levels. These foods should be included in higher amounts in your diet chart. You should consume more of vegetables and fruits. These have higher level of nutrients and are low in cholesterols and calories. Eat more of carbohydrates made up of whole grain such as brown rice, pastas and cereals, oatmeal and whole grain bread.

Milk products like milk, yoghurt, cheese and sour cream should be included as they low fat dairy products. Sea foods like salmon contain more of fatty acids of omega-3 which is healthy for the heart. Opt for lean meat like turkey and chicken rather than pork or beef. Intake of higher amount of nuts is required in your diet chart as it contains monounsaturated fats which are healthy.

Foods To be Avoided

In case you are trying to reduce your cholesterol levels by following a balanced diet, try to avoid a few foods. Do not consume fatty portions of meat like pork and beef. Full on fat milk products such as cheese and butter should not be eaten. Also exclude fried foods, egg yolks and packed foods from your daily intake.

Using Healthy Cooking Ways

You can cook healthy food by using a nonstick pan as it can prepare food by consuming hardly any oil. Cook food by simply grilling, broiling or roasting as it is healthy to consume such food. You can also make use of a microwave as it helps to cook faster and is healthy. Do not use butter or salt for added flavor. Instead make use of lime or herbs. Use chicken soup low in sodium content for cooking rather than oil and butter which are unhealthy. Instead of using mayonnaise, use sour cream or yoghurt as they contain no fat. For making burgers, use grounded breast of turkey.

Change In Lifestyle

Try to get a control on your cholesterol levels not by following a diet chart but by changing your lifestyle. A permanent and healthy change in your lifestyle is needed as a diet is only for a temporary period. So to prevent yourself from having medicines in future, you have to opt for long-term health changes.

Useful Homemade Tips For Maintaining a Balanced Diet

There are some home based tips which you can include in your diet chart to control your cholesterol levels. Along with a balanced diet if you follow these simple and inexpensive tips, you can get a control over your cholesterol. Along with your medicines if you follow these healthy home tips it will help your good cholesterol to be under control and keep away the bad cholesterol.

Consume Vitamins Daily

A daily consumption of vitamin E is essential as it prevents the cholesterol from changing to plaque which might block the artery and get you a heart attack. Have more of vitamin C every day. More of vitamin C in the diet chart will help you have high amount of good cholesterol.

Include Garlic in your Diet Chart

Consumption of 6-7cloves of garlic daily helps in reducing LDH and increases HDL level. You can also consume a garlic capsule as a supplement to keep away from the smell.

Grapes a Useful Food in your Balanced Diet

Eating a few grapes daily or consuming the juice of grapes is good. The grape skin helps in keeping the cholesterol under control.

Grapefruit – Faster Way of Reducing Cholesterol

Including one and half portions of grapefruit in your diet chart daily is essential. It helps in reducing cholesterol level to more than 6 percent in about two months. It contains pectin which helps in reducing cholesterol. Include beans in your diet. Beans such as lima beans, kidney beans, soya beans and other such type of legumes reduce cholesterol.

If you consume about more than one cup of beans daily you can lower down your bad cholesterols to more than 20 percent. If you cannot consume so much daily it does not matter. But the more you consume it the more you can get a control over your cholesterol. Beans are another such type of food which contains pectin, helps in lowering cholesterol. A balanced diet together with some changes in your lifestyle can lead you to a more healthy form of life. Just simply controlling your cholesterol level can help you keep away from many diseases and stay fit.