Cottage Cheese: Low Fat Recipes

Nothing is as tasty as soft cottage cheese but nothing makes you gain weight like cottage cheese also. But if you crave too much to have cottage cheese snacks then here goes some low fat recipes where you have the liberty to have yummy cottage cheese snacks once or even twice in week comfortably.

Roasted Cottage cheese with tomato sauce

Ingredients for tomato sauce

150 grams of tomatoes pulp, one table spoon of white pepper powder and one table spoon of fat free cream.

Tomato gravy preparation method

Boil the tomatoes and blanch for five minutes, after removing the peel turn into puree. In a pan heat the butter and roast the ginger garlic paste and add the chili flakes. Finally add the cream and tomato puree and roast on low flame.

Ingredients for roasted cottage cheese

150 grams of cottage cheese, two table spoon of corn flour, one table spoon of fat free butter, ginger garlic paste, chili flakes, one table spoon salt, half table spoon of clove and cinnamon powder.

Roasted Cottage cheese preparation

Mash the cottage cheese properly and add the corn flour, white pepper, clove -cinnamon powder and salt. Now make the mid size balls with cheese and corn four work; roast in microwave at 100 degree temperature for ten minutes.  Place the cheese balls in serving dish and pour the tomato sauce. You can eat the yummy Roasted Cottage cheese with tomato sauce with green chili sauce.

Cottage cheese toasts

Four bread slices, 200 grams grated cottage cheese, five green chilies paste, dried oregano and celery. First prepare the toasts of bread slices after removing the hard edges. Mix the grated cottage cheese, green chili paste, salt, dried oregano and celery. Place the work on bread toasts and bake for seven minutes in microwave. You can serve the hot Cottage cheese toasts with mustard sauce.

Cottage cheese with Mexican tacos and sesame

100 grams cottage cheese cut into cubes, five or six Mexican tacos, two table spoon of sesame, green chilies paste, one table spoon of finely chopped ginger, one table spoon of corn flour, one table spoon of chili flakes, finely chopped green coriander and for garnishing Spanish onions slices.

Mix the corn flour, green chilies paste, ginger, chili flakes and coriander well and stick the same on cheese cubes. Finally stick the crushed Mexican tacos and sesame over cheese and roast the cheese in microwave at 100 degree for twelve minutes. Once the cheese has been roasted well garnish with onion rings and coriander leaves.