Dangers Of High Protein Diets

Protein is very useful nutrient for the growth of your muscles and body and its deficiency may lead to severe health problems. However, high protein diets can prove to be very dangerous for your health. Given below are some dangers of high protein diets.

If you are suffering from liver problems, high protein foods could be dangerous for you. High protein foods are not good for you if you have renal disorders. High levels of protein in your body can give rise to renal calculi.

Osteoporosis is another problem caused due to high protein diet. This happens because high protein decreases the calcium stored in your body. It also weakens your teeth and bones and due to calcium secretion you can also suffer from kidney stones. Water too, is lost due to high protein diet, which causes great weight loss. High protein diet also harms your kidneys because due to water loss your kidneys get a lot of pressure which damages the kidneys.

Bad breath is another problem caused due to high protein foods. Even your body odor becomes bad. Anyone who would come in your contact would try to avoid you due to bad smell. This happens due to ketones which get accumulated in your body due to high protein foods.

If you consume only high protein foods, there will be deficiency of carbohydrate in your body which will give rise to many health problems. Bad cholesterol in your body will rise which will cause high blood pressure and may eventually lead to heart failure or stroke too.

Only protein diets will cause you indigestion and constipation because of fiber and other minerals deficiency. In absence of fiber you will find very difficult to pass your stool which will lead to other problems too. Due to low carbohydrate in your body you will suffer from the loss of muscle tissue.

When you increase the intake of only protein and decrease other nutrients, your body does not receive antioxidants and other nutrients. Thus your body becomes weak and is unable to fight diseases and can cause serious diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes etc. At some stages people even meet death due to deficiency of other nutrients. Therefore it is better to eat balanced diet rather than taking only high protein diet.