Delicious And Spicy Chilli Chicken Recipe

Chilli Chicken Recipe Chilli chicken is stir-fried chicken which is extremely delicious with a spicy and tangy taste. Chilli chicken is popular as an appetizer or a side dish. This recipe has an Asian touch to it with the use of fresh herbs and spicy sauces.

Chilli chicken is popularly served in many Asian and Indian restaurants and has gained immense popularity over the years. You can make this tongue-tickling recipe at easily at home for your family to enjoy it. The addition of veggies such as bell peppers, shredded cabbage and mushrooms gives a healthy twist to this recipe.

The texture of the chicken in this recipe is unique since it will be slightly crispy on the outside while soft and deliciously flavored with spices inside. This article has the ingredients and procedure to make healthy chilli chicken. Read on to find out how to make this delicious dish.


4-6 skinless boneless chicken breasts or thighs cut into thin strips
2 red onions diced
One fresh ginger root sliced to thin pieces
3-4 cloves of fresh garlic sliced thin
2-3 Serrano chilies sliced thin
1 spoon salt
2 spoons pepper powder
3-4 spoons soy sauce
2-3 spoons Chinese hot sauce
1 spoon tomato ketchup
2 spoons cornstarch
1 egg
2-3 bell peppers sliced thin
Half cup finely shredded cabbage
One fourth cup sliced button mushrooms
Half cup oil


Begin by washing the chicken breasts under running water and pat them dry. Cut them into thin strips. This will make them crunchy when you stir-fry them. In a bowl, mix salt, pepper, cornstarch and a little bit of the soy sauce. Break the egg into this egg and whisk well to form batter for the chicken. Coat the chicken pieces very well with this mix.In a pan, heat some oil and then add the chicken pieces to it. Stir-fry the chicken pieces at high flame so that they become crispy on the outside.

This will take about 4-5 minutes. Once done, place the chicken pieces on a paper towel to drain the excess oil. Next, prepare to stir-fry the chicken with the veggies and spices. For this, heat oil in a pan and add the sliced red onions. Sauté the onions for a few seconds at high flame. The onions must become slightly pink and translucent. However they must not turn brown. To prevent onions from getting burnt, keep stirring constantly.

Once the onions turn slightly pink, add the sliced ginger root, garlic and Serrano chilies. Stir-fry all these ingredients very well with the onions. If you want the chilli chicken to be extra spicy, you can add crushed paprika flakes at this stage. Sauté the ginger, garlic and chilies for a few minutes so that the raw smell from them disappears.

After this add the soy sauce, Chinese hot sauce and the tomato ketchup. Add a little water at this stage so that the sauce becomes slightly runny in consistency. Season the sauce with salt and pepper. After this add the diced bell peppers, cabbage and mushrooms. Stir fry the veggies till they are partially cooked.

Keep stirring constantly to prevent the veggies from sticking to the bottom of the pan. The veggies must get cooked. They must however remain slightly crunchy.Finally add the stir-fried chicken to the sauce and the veggies and once again stir-fry everything very well for a few minutes. Your chilli chicken is ready to be served. Garnish with fried cashew nuts before serving.