Diabetic Dessert Recipe

It is very natural to have a constant urge for sweets when you are suffering from diabetes. However, this more or less seems a dream when you are under strict medications and restrictions.

Keeping in mind your ailments, you can still cook extremely yummy desserts by following a few correct measurements and process.

A chocolate cake is an all time favorite for all of you, but with diabetes at stake, you cannot even think of the very name. Then again, preparing chocolate cake in a more appropriate way to suit your condition is what you are going to read here.

A quarter cup of cow milk
Two eggs
Two cups of flour
Sugar free chocolate
Vanilla/fruit essence
Peanut butter

Beat the eggs in a bowl to make it cream thick. Add on the flour to the bowl and slowly stir the mixture, do not allow it to settle down. While you are, busy doing this allow the chocolate to melt in a bowl containing hot water. When you have the flour and the egg, mixture right slowly put your attention to the chocolate bowl.

You will have to manage your time
in such a way that you do not allow the contents in any of the two bowls to settle down as that will make the whole process more complicated. Keep heating the chocolate if you are not yet done with the flour.

This will help you tackle the both better. Coming back to the recipe, what you need to do next is add on at least two heaps of peanut butter in the bowl of chocolate. Keep stirring the entire mixture to make it thick and dark.

You can use dark chocolate instead of sugar free chocolate even. The idea is to cut the real calorie and of course excess sweetness. Keep adding the butter until the mixture is thick. Slow heat the entire mixture to avoid settling down. Once you are done add on the entire thing to the already ready flour mixture.

Keep stirring to mix the ingredients in proportion. You can even add choco chips if you want to add that crisp. Put the mixture in a greasy tray and bake it for 45 minutes at approximately 350-370 degrees.Serve with a sweet smile and get bowled by the taste