Diet For Heart Patients

Heart patients require following a diet which is different from the diet which normal person could go on with. It has to have less oil and cholesterol free.

These both things can make the health of the patient even worse. For heart patients, the nutrients that support health heart like minerals and vitamins are essential and unhealthy food is recommended to be avoided. Lets see what should be the diet plan for heart patients that can ensure their good health.

Poultry, lean meat, dry beans and pea, fish, etc should be taken in a very small amount say 5 ounces in a day and not more than that. Eggs can be avoided but if you like then you can take 2 or 3 eggs in a week. The milk consumed must be low in fat. Double toned milk is good for patients of heart. Drink 2 to 3 glass of milk as it is extremely good for heart.

For oil, have cholesterol free oil as or the one that has a very low cholesterol level. Soya bean oil or sun flower oil are recommended ones. Fruits and vegetables must also be taken to fetch good health. Take 4 to 5 fruits in a day such as apple, orange, melons, berries, etc. you must gorge on juices as well. 1 cup juice is sufficient and necessary for a stable heart condition.

As for vegetables, leafy vegetables benefit the health of heart to a great extent so you can take 3 to 5 servings of them daily. Say away from heavy food stuff like wheat flour made food items, pasta, cheese, etc. take vegetables in raw as well as cooked form and have 2 cups of cereals everyday as well. Eating light and little is essential for good health so divide the number of meals in a day to 6 and have small amount of food in each of them.

Have slightly heavy breakfast and for the rest of the day, keep it light. Bread, cereals, rice, other grains are necessary for having energy in the body so take 6 to 7 servings of them daily. This is the whole meal plan for heart patients.