Diet for Jaundice Patients

Jaundice is an illness that imposes a lot of restrictions on your activities. You can not play or exert yourself. More than anything else, however, you have to watch what goes into your mouth like a hawk.

If you are not careful, you have every chance of relapsing into the condition and it will be very complicated situation for you, your folks and the doctors.

Oil and fat are your sworn-enemies for the time being. Do not even touch them. You can have plenty of fruit juices. Grapes, sweet potatoes are good too. For something hot, you can have barley water.

While cereals and pulses do not very adversely affect your liver – and, you must have something solid anyway – they tend to cause inflammation in liver and so only a moderate quantity should be allowed.

In fact, the watchword while you are a jaundice patient and also during recuperation, you would do well to remember to keep to moderation in your diet.

You can eat nuts that do not contain too much oil. Do not, however, roast them. Some of the nuts you can eat raw are almond, Brazil nut, cashew peanut, Hazel nut and walnut.

You may have the Spice Girls any time of the day on your turn table but none of the spices in your food. Make sure that you consume fiber rich food items majority of times, here is some crucial eatables listed which has to be part of diet in order to recover completely and regain the strength:

Mont list of fruits best are Apples, apricots, grapefruit, peaches, orange and raisins, to name a few vegetables: Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, spinach, cauliflower, tomato, carrot and lemon.

In particular citric fruits in general help healing fast. So it is tomato juice, which should be first thing early in the morning not Coffee and tea, just make habit of doing without them for some time.

Can you get hold of some sugarcane juices? They are very good. It is not very uncommon for jaundice patients to develop constipation. Orange juice can help alleviate this condition and facilitate easy bowl movement.