Diet Plan For A Diabetic

Diabetes calls for a lot of restrictions and extra attention to health. If you are a diabetic patient you are expected to be extra cautious about your health and undergo regular checkups. Diabetes  alone has the capability to destroy other organs of your body.

Therefore if you are highly diabetic, you ought to take good care of yourself so that this disease does not get the better of you and harm your body. If you suffer from diabetes you have to maintain a strict diet regime to keep your blood sugar level under control.

Nutritious diet – A nutritious diet is an integral element of a diabetes patient’s diet chart. You need to maintain your blood sugar, and cholesterol levels for which nutritious diet is a must. By nutritious diet it is meant that your diet should be a balance of proteins obtained from plants like legumes, beans or quinoa and carbohydrates with low glycemic index.

Also remember that diabetes does not mean you have to give up on all your favourite food items. You can still have them provided you eat them in a limited amount. A balanced and nutritious diet plan is a must to keep you away from the difficulties of this disease.

Fat free diet –
Do not have food which contains fat as it is very harmful for patients suffering from diabetes. However it is always not possible to discard fats completely from your diet but it is advisable to stick to monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

Your diet plan should be mainly confined to having green vegetables and fruits. However omega 6 fatty acids like blackcurrant oil, primrose oil are advisable for diabetes patients as they help to protect against development of diabetic neuropathy.

Sugar free diet – You might have a misconception that diagnosis of diabetes means giving up sugar or sweet items. However researches have proved that absolute abstinence from sweet food is not a pragmatic solution for diabetic patients. A limitation must be there but it is not strictly advised that a diabetes patient should follow a sugar free diet.

A slight carelessness can be hazardous. Thus a diet plan is compulsory for a diabetic patient. Dealing with diabetes calls for restrictions in everything including diet.