Diet to Maintain Your Cholesterol Level

Cholesterol is presently a problem, which affects not only the ones in their early 50s or 60s, but it can also target the younger generation who are deeply involved in junk food consumption and irregular sleeping habits. The rise in the cholesterol level leads to a lot of related problems and results to major disasters.

Blend of banana, papaya and orange into a tasty juice is a great way to beat the ill effects of cholesterol. This juice fulfills your body’s requirement of fiber, potassium, vitamin C. Potassium is present in banana, and its deficiency can weaken your heart and affect the number of heartbeats greatly. This fruit punch not only satisfies you at the face of hunger, it also checks the rising cholesterol level in your body.

Preparing this fruit juice
is very easy and you just need to blend the papaya, banana and orange. You can add a pinch of sugar to suit your taste. A healthy breakfast with oats is one of the easiest solutions for controlling cholesterol. You just need to boil the oats with water till the mixture is smooth.

Add some honey and pieces of apple for taste and your healthy anti cholesterol breakfast is ready. In fact, apple is great for cholesterol reduction and you can try apple juice as well.

Tuna fish with its content of omega-3 controls the rise of cholesterol. Shitake mushrooms have the active element of eritadenine and this act as a useful catalyst in controlling the cholesterol level in a person. Walnuts, enriched in the omega 3 plays a key role in cutting down the level of cholesterol when added to the diet. They also regularize the proper functioning of the heart.

The high vitamin C in Kiwi controls greatly the increment of LDL cholesterol. The other fruits having vitamin C are mangoes, strawberries and star fruits. Dry lemon with high quantity of Flavonoid helps in the prevention of cholesterol. Consumption of guavas helps in the reduction of the cholesterol level by at least 18.8%.

Peanuts with their high content of vitamin E keep the heart healthy and prevent the development of cholesterol. Soya with its rich content of protein, calcium, lecithin, vitamins and zat minerals not only keeps the heart healthy it also helps to breakdown the bad cholesterol in the body.