Diet to Prevent Cold Sores

Cold sores is a very common ailment witnessed in majority of population in America and around the world.It is followed by occurrence of small blisters around the mouth, lips and nose.

This is a viral outbreak caused by the herpes virus.This is contagious and if necessary precautions are not taken to prevent it then it may occur again and again.

A number of factors like diet, lifestyle etc. are responsible for the occurrence of cold sores.But if you make certain changes in your diet then you can prevent cold sores efficiently.So start making a few healthy changes in your diet to prevent cold sores.

One of the  most important reasons for the occurrence of cold sores are inappropriate diet.Make sure that you have a healthy and well balanced diet to prevent cold sores.Include plenty of fruits and vegetables to your diet.Foods like avocados, mangoes, apples etc. help a great deal in keeping cold sores away.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals and hence those make your immune system function efficiently.Thus you will stay clear of ailments like cold, flu etc. which promotes the occurrence of cold sores.So it is very important to eat right to have a healthy immune system.

Also drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and flush out all the toxins off your body.Include dairy products low in fat to your diet.Skimmed milk, yogurt etc. is very effective to prevent cold sores.

Foods containing amino acids are good to keep cold sores at bay.Lysine in particular is very good to prevent cold sores.Lean meats like chicken, turkey, etc. contain ample amounts of lysine.So include those to your diet to keep your lysine intake adequate to prevent cold sores.

However foods containing arginine can contribute in the outbreak of cold sores and hence should be avoided. Certain foods like various nuts, whole grain foods like oats etc. are known to contain arginine which could trigger cold sores.

So minimize your intake of such foods.Also refrain from having alcohol in excess.Avoid having foods containing acids like tomatoes, citrus fruits etc. to prevent sores.Make sure that you follow the above mentioned diet to prevent cold sores.