Easy And Quick Steps To Make Tandoori Chicken At Home

Tandoori Chicken Having going to the restaurants every weekend to appease your gastronomical urge can be pocket pinching! It is one such day that your hubby dear wants you to prepare something at home and re-evokes the old romantic charm of your newly wedded days.

The time when you used to try new recipes, cook together. Never mind if there was little or no salt at all! Or the recipe turned put to be a complete disaster… So the old memories come back in flash. And both of you set out for the mission. This time it will be Tandoori chicken! Tandoor is the hand made oven, with clay and earth. This burns with the help of charcoal. It is very popular in the state of Punjab, India.

Different varieties of Rotis (chappatis) and innumerable non-vegetarian items can be cooked in this oven. The delicacies are cooked mainly by roasting them in the fire and heat of the charcoal, deep in side the oven. There are certain hooks, iron roads, tongs, skewers and variety of other equipments to cook the dishes.

Since all this cannot be done at home, the answer is the OTG that is the Oven Toaster and Griller, which we all have at home but seldom use. Here’s your chance to use it. The chicken cooked in this appliance at home will taste as delicious as it does in the earthen tandoor.


1 medium sized chicken, thoroughly cleaned 1 inch piece of raw papaya 1 inch piece of ginger 1 large cup sour curds (khatti dahi) Green chillies 5 Garlic flakes 5 1 table spoon of all the garam masalas Jeera powder or (grounded cumin seeds) I tsp chilli powder 1 small onion 150 grams melted butter/ghee (optional) Champai rang or the Class 1 redish color, a few drops.


Firstly grind the onion, the ginger and the garlic and the papaya into a very smooth paste. Take the curd and beat it well with the butter and then stir in the grounded paste along with the spices, salt and the color, so that the mixer turns orangish red. With the help of a sharp kitchen knife make deep slits on the chicken. Then thoroughly apply the mixer on the chicken rubbing it very well.

Don’t forget to apply the mixer to the inside part of the chicken. You have to marinate the whole thing for about 10 to 12 hours, so set it aside. This process will help to soften up the chicken and the all the mixed spices will penetrate into the fiber of the chicken to give that taste when roasted inside the oven. Pre heat the oven at 200 degree C for about 10 minutes.

You have to increase and decrease the temperature of the oven according to the need. Thread the marinated chicken into the skewer and put it the oven. Cook it till it is almost tender at a temperature of about 100 to 150 degree C. Keep checking the temperature. Take it out of the oven and apply the melted butter or ghee all over the chicken and again put it inside the oven.

The butter will help the chicken to be cooked further and at the same time the fire and the heat will lend that burnt smell to the chicken, we all love. Your tandoori chicken is done! Garnish it with onion rings, lime wedges and serve with the pudina (mint) chutney,(sauce). Another feather in your cooking cap!

Photo Credit: Jaymanuel.com