Easy Ways To Eat Dry Fruits

Eating healthy foods has become very important in today’s world. But most people are too busy to even eat; let alone eating healthy. Skipping meals is very common in today’s day and age. Kids too have become very fussy and you often see parents trying to force them in to eating healthy things.

Dry fruits are amongst the easiest things to snack on for most people as they are finger foods. They help in more ways than one. Kids too should be encouraged to eat dry fruits. Eating dry fruits do not mean eating them in their actual form. There are lots of delicious ways to eat them and to also get your kids to eat them.

Walnuts can be quite bitter to taste so why not caramelise them. The kids and you are sure to love it. All you need to do is melt sugar in a heavy bottom pan and once it is melted close the gas and mix chopped walnuts into it. When it cools break it again as the sugar will make it stick. It tastes sweet and yummy. This also can be added to your salads to give it a crunchy and sweet taste.

Almonds and cashews taste better when they are roasted. Simply keep it in the oven for about five minutes and then sprinkle salt on it. A great tip for using dry fruits is to mix together in a blender cashews, walnuts and almonds and store it in a jar. Every time you or the kids eat cereals with milk just add a teaspoon of this mixture in to it.

Another alternate method of eating them is to heat wheat flour in a heavy bottom pan and mix it well for at least ten minutes. Add some sugar granules to this and also finely chopped dry fruits. Mix it well and remove from the gas. When cool store it in an air tight container and eat a spoonful every time you are hungry. You can safely feel good about giving it to your kids as it is so healthy. Just leave a spoon inside and allow them to eat it as and when they want.