Eating Fruits And Vegetables

we have heard it once, we have heard it a hundred times fruits and vegetables are very essential and highly beneficial for us. Experts claim that we should have at least five portions of fruits or vegetables in a day, the more the better.

Eating vegetables and fruits improves our overall health, built immunity and helps prevent fatal health diseases like cancer.

But nowadays we dont have time to consume three decent meals a day eating more than five portions of fruits may seem impossible. So what is the best way to inculcate them in your daily diet without seeming like an extra chore.

Start your day with fresh fruit or vegetable juice, they not only cleanse your system and help built your body’s immunity but also provides the essential energy that is required to start your day. Replacing your morning coffee or tea with freshly squeezed orange juice or carrot juice will provide your body the much needed vitamin C.

While having breakfast add fruits to your cereal or use soft fruits, like bananas or ripe apricots as a spread on your morning toast rather than jams with artificial preservatives or cheese spread.

Also, if you get hungry in between meals  snack on fruits, especially bananas, the provide instant energy and are easy to carry with you. You can also make a fruit snack with some yoghurt or a fruit bar with dry fruits and nuts.

Include raw salads in your every meal, they are extra nutritional and gives your body the necessary nutrients to help the body in producing enzymes that are necessary for digestion. You can also have a big salad for your meal once a while, add light dressing on your salad instead of mayo.

Some researchers claim that eating fruit right after your meals is not a good idea, but you can replace your usual desserts like cake or ice creams with fruit salads which form a way better replacement for sugary deserts.Fruit deserts are easy to make and very tasty too.

Also, research on various vegetarian dishes that you can prepare at home, when cooked to suit your needs they are very tasty. Boiled, grilled, steamed or cooked, vegetables make a great side dish for your meals.

Fruits and vegetables is a must have in all your meals, and instead of trying to take time off to have your servings inculcate them in your regular meals, so that you not only have a healthy diet but also eating them dos not become a chore.