Egg Recipes For A Quick Breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal of the day, and must be heavy compared to the later meals. Eating eggs in the breakfast is one of the healthiest yet easiest way to eat it right. However, most recipes that you will come across are not that easy to cook and will require much of a time.

Do not worry there is still hope, you can very well ignore the trouble some recipes and cook up the hassle free ones for your family. Once you feed them with the healthy egg recipes, you can rest assure through the day regarding the nutrition balance.

Two egg recipes for a quick breakfast:
Spanish omelette

To prepare you will be needing two/three eggs per person. Tomato, onion, parsley and cheese. As this is a wholesome dish, so do not bother over the number of eggs you take. Wisk the eggs in a bowl, and when the whole mixture looks frothy enough add minced onion, parsley and tomato into it along with salt.

Slowly pour the whole mixture in the pan, start frying gently in very less oil, and do not let the egg stick to the pan. Slowly take out the omelette on a plate and use a blob of cheese for garnishing and taste. Let the cheese melt with every bite you take of the omelette. You can even use French fries and baked beans to make the meal tastier and complete.
Egg pie

All you will need is two/three eggs per person, flour and minced onions. Break the eggs over a large mouthed bowl. Start whisking the eggs by slowly adding salt and flour into it. Remember the flour will give a cake like appearance to the eggs, so try adding flour until you feel the mixture has become thick and smooth. Add onions and do not stop whisking, as this will let the mixture settle down.

Slowly pour the mixture in a frying pan and allow it to take shape under the slow heat and the bit of oil. When you feel, the mixture has hardened and is brownish; just pour it upside down on the plate and garnish with parsley leaves and pepper.