Egg Rolls for Breakfast: With Veg Salad And Curd Sauce

Breakfast is very important meal of the day. As it provides much needed calories and energy to our body after long night. Eating a good and healthy breakfast is the min key to good health. If you are the one, who wishes to be healthy, here is a simple and easy recipe for your breakfast.

Ingredients- two eggs, refined flour- 1 cup, cabbage- 10 gm, onion-1, green chilly-4, turmeric powder- ½ tablespoon, red chilly powder- ½ teaspoon, coriander leaves, salt (as per taste), refined oil- 4 tablespoons. Fresh 100 gm of coriander leaves, 50 gm fresh curd and few green chilies.

Serves- 1 person

Preparation time- 20 minutes

Cooking time- 10 minutes

Finely chop onion, cabbage, green chilly. Then make fine dough from the refined flour. Now make a mixture from eggs adding salt, red chilly powder, coriander powder, turmeric and salt. Now stir fry all the chopped veggies. Now make round chapatis from dough.

And while chapatis is half cooked splash the egg mixture on ladle so that it covers one side of chapati. Cook it well from both sides. Then fill it with fried veggies and make a roll. Your tasty and healthy snack is ready for your breakfast.

Additional garnishing:

You can add a zing to this breakfast recipe by serving curd and coriander sauce. For curd & coriander sauce, take 50 gm of fresh curd, and then whip it properly. Now take 5 green chilies and 100 gm of fresh coriander leaves. Wash and chop the green chilies. Now wash and chop the fresh coriander leaves. Now mix fresh curd, coriander leaves, green chilies and some salt together and make a fine paste in mixer grinder. Sauce is ready to be served with delicious egg rolls.

Health benefits-

This dish contains rich amount of egg. It provides calcium and protein in rich quantities. Veggies give good fiber content for improving your digestion. This snack also provides carbohydrates, vitamins and good amount of calories which help in boosting your energy level in the morning. Curd aids in improving your digestion. So have healthy breakfast in the morning and start a healthy day.

Serving Tip- always take this fresh. You can make it tastier with sauce of your choice.