Fenugreek Side Effects

You all would be glad to know that since ages, Chinese and Ayurveda has been making use of fenugreek to prepare natural treatments for various body ailments.

It is also known as Greek hay seed. Intake of fenugreek on regular levels can magically cure nasal congestion, asthma, tuberculosis, sore throat, hay fever and pneumonia.

It also improves digestion process of body, eases constipation, induces labor induction, lowers down body’s cholesterol level and improves metabolism rate of body.

The ideal dose of fenugreek is 1-2 grams thrice a day. But, just like every coin has two sides, fenugreek excess intake can pose health problems too. Read the article below to know more about fenugreek side effects in body!

One of the minor side effects of fenugreek are skin irritation, increased bilirubin levels, diarrhea, nausea, indigestion or heartburn, smelling urine, smell in milk of breastfeeding women, bloating or gas trouble and hypertension.

To know about the serious side effects of fenugreek, read below!

Keep in mind that fenugreek is known to be a uterine stimulator, therefore if it is taken in pregnancy, it can cause miscarriage.

Fenugreek, if taken in excess amount can lead to increase menstrual flow in women suffering from abnormal menstrual cycles.

Fenugreek can also cause allergic reactions like wheezing, itching, breathing difficulty, hives, rashes, swallowing and swelling.

You would be sad to read that inhalation of fenugreek can also result into asthma attacks in some people.

It can also lead to hemorrhage in brain, strokes, etc. Stroke initiated by excess intake of fenugreek can cause numbness in hands, nausea and dizziness.

Fenugreeks, if taken in large amount can also cause dehydration, tension, and headaches in people.

Keep in mind if fenugreek is taken along with anti-coagulant drugs, it can increase the chances of bleeding. Likewise, if  fenugreek is taken with anti-platelet drugs like heparin, clopdogrel and warfarin it can show same side effects!

Keep in mind that fenugreek can interact with the absorption of various prescribed drugs, therefore it should be consumed at least 2 hours before taking any drug.

If fenugreek tea is consumed by children then it can result into unconsciousness in children.