Find Out What’s The Perfect Diet For A Runner

A runner needs to pay extra attention to his or her diet thanks to the highly strenuous daily routine. It is a very popular perception that runners need to consume a lot of carbohydrates since that is their source of energy.

But without understanding the basics of a healthy diet, if one just gorges on sugar rich foods, it can spell disaster for the body. It is true that due to the high amount of energy spent in running, a runner’s diet should be a carbohydrate rich diet but there are different kinds of carbohydrates. There are the simple carbohydrates, which includes glucose, sugar, honey, jam and so on.

A Runner’s diet should focus on complex carbohydrate sources like pasta, bread, legumes, fruits and vegetables. Be careful while choosing your bread, try and opt for whole grain varieties, as these will provide you with healthy fibre content.

There are some other food items, which are absolutely essential if you are planning a runner’s diet. You should eat eggs on a regular basis. They can provide you with 10% of your daily protein requirement.

Along with carbohydrates, protein is another necessary food group as the amino acids help to repair and build muscles. Beans are also high in protein content, have iron and are low fat; this is a winning combination for runners!

For a snack you can eat something healthy like a banana, which not only contains carbohydrates but also contains Potassium. You tend to lose a lot of potassium due to sweating buckets when you run. Having a banana can restore the balance and also prevent cramps.

Low fat yogurt can also be a good choice for a quick snack, since it has proteins, carbohydrates and also calcium, which is vital for runners. While weight loss is a good idea if you have some extra weight, do not go on crash diets for this purpose since every athlete needs adequate nutrition. Especially avoid a low carbohydrate diet like the popular “Atkin’s Diet” for weight-loss.

While focusing on food items is vital you just cannot underestimate the benefits of drinking adequate water. This is essential because during a run the body produces a lot of heat. The cooling mechanism through sweating is very essential at this time to maintain the body temperature, so drinking water is extremely important.