Food Rules That Must Be Followed

Long ago, eating was something that people did for building strength and immunity so that they have the power to survive and lead a long and healthy life.

But nowadays eating has become just another chore and people just put in everything and anything edible in their mouth just so that ‘hunger’ doesn’t slow them in anyway. There are rules to be followed for everything in life and as the saying goes ‘rules are meant to be broken’ but in this case broken rules cause a lot harm than you may expect. Here are few food rules that can be easily followed:

If the ‘food’ is called by the same name in all the languages, it is mostly junk food and not something you can expect to survive on. Big Mac, Pringles, Cheetos etc all are snacks and to be consumed very rarely once in a blue moon and not as a whole meal.

There is an old Chinese proverb that can be roughly translated into ‘Eating what stands on one leg (plants – vegetables and fruits, mushrooms) is better than what stands on two (fowl), which is better than what stands on four (cow, pig and other mammals that are eaten)’ though it leaves out many other food source that are healthy for us like fish, this proverb holds true too.

The health benefits of food coming from plant source is way higher and better than those from chicken and meat from larger animals are least beneficial. Satisfy your sweet tooth with natural sweets, since those are packed with fibers that makes you feel full before you can go overboard and stuff yourself.This is also why eating fruits is more beneficial than drinking juices.

Caloroes consumed in liquid form are more fattening since they dont make you feel full.Also remember, however low on sugar they are and even if they have DIET written all over them, sodas are not good for your health.

Reducing the size of your plates and bowls will help you control the amount of portion you eat.This simple step has actually helped many to maintain their diet and reduce weight.

Well, this last rule is age old and said and said again many times over the years simply because it is really effective – Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. Your energy level for the whole day mainly depends on the first meal of your day, you breakfast needs to be nutritious and big.

Lunch is usually the mid day energy pack, so that your body has something to depend on for keeping up with the rest of the day, having a heavy meal may make you lazy and slow down your activities.

Dinner should be eaten at least 4 hours before your bed time, mainly cause during night our body goes into a shut down and standby mode and the blood flow is concentrated to all parts of the body while you go to sleep. If you have a heavy meal for dinner, chances are it wont get digested completely and be stored away as fat.