Foods That Fight Body Cramps

Suffering body cramps is extremely natural. It can happen to anyone, just about anywhere – even when you are just walking a few blocks to work, or simple while sleeping. However, cramps are not just caused by straining the muscles or twisting them. There are many other reasons that contribute to cramps in your body, and here are some ways that you can prevent its onset.

Body cramps are often the result of some muscular action in the body, normally caused by a contraction which is involuntary. It can also be caused when the body is extremely tired. If there are lumps formed in the blood, or a lack of circulation in the body cramps can also be caused.

If you have sudden cramps in the body, but have no signs of straining or trouble otherwise, look carefully at the diet you have been following. Inadequate intake of water, or even foods which are deficient in the necessary vitamin and mineral intake can bring on cramps. If the muscles and bones are unable to derive their required nourishment for growth and repair, the result is often seen in the form of cramps and body pain.

Ailments and the excessive use of strong medication are also known to lead to the onset of cramps. It is best to try and keep the body in optimum shape and keep all parameters under control.  To start with, keep your weight in check. Make sure you are not grossly overweight, and follow a regular fitness routine. This will help restore balance in the body.

Drink plenty of water and other fluid supplements. This will help hydrate the body and keep the muscles supple and healthy. Fruit juices are ideal since they combine the fluid with mineral and vitamin supplements, and serve a dual purpose. If you are into fitness and engage in some form of physical exercise, make sure you have plenty of water before you begin, as this will keep you hydrated through the workout.

Milk products and other sources of calcium can go a long way in helping bones, joints and muscles. Have plenty of dairy produce, and load up on the salads. Foods which are rich in potassium are also bound to help in this case.