Foods to Avoid During Breastfeeding

Your newborn baby is totally dependent upon your milk for his or her diet and complete nutrition. Your milk contains all the foods you eat or drink in the form of milk. So you can well understand that your baby too consumes the food which you eat, in the form of milk. Therefore you must not consume those foods which can harm your child. Here are some foods which you should not consume as long as you are a breastfeeding mother.

In general days, garlic, ginger, chili, pepper, cinnamon etc are very good for your health. They prevent you from many diseases. But they are not suitable for newly born child. Therefore you should avoid such spices throughout your breastfeeding period.

Some fishes live in contaminated water hence eating such fishes can harm your baby with infectious diseases. Therefore you should avoid eating some sea fish or fresh water fish during breastfeeding period. You should not eat even half cooked meat or half boiled eggs. If you feel the urge to eat meat, avoid the fatty portions.

You were warned not to consume caffeine during your pregnancy. You have to continue it as long as you breast feed your baby. However, you may take one or two cups, but never go beyond that. Remember, caffeine is bad for your child and if you consume excess caffeine it will pass to your baby through your milk. You should also minimize the consumption of some sodas and teas because they too contain caffeine to some extent.

You must avoid alcohol if you are addicted to it. You were warned not to consume alcohol during your pregnancy. You should maintain this. Similarly you should not smoke as long as you breast feed your child. What would be the affect on your child, you can well imagine if your child gets alcohol and nicotine in the form of milk? The most important point to be noted is that alcohol causes reduction of the milk production in your body which your baby needs the most. Apart from smoking, you should avoid consuming tobacco in any form.

You may consume chocolates and laxative fruits if you like as they are not harmful to your baby, but if they cause allergy to your child, stop consuming them. If you you’re your child, avoid the above mentioned food till you are in breast feeding phase.