Frozen Dessert

When you decide to have a dinner you are always very busy on the actual day. Preparation of snacks, main course and dinner can take up a lot of time. In addition you would also need to take out your crockery and cutlery. All this on one day can be really exhausting. So why not make your task easier and at least choose a dessert that you can make even a week in advance.

Mix together three ounces of chocolate powder and one and a half  ounces of  cocoa powder, five ounces of Castor sugar and five ounces of butter. Heat all this in a double boiler over hot water. Once everything is mixed well remove from the gas. In another bowl lightly beat three eggs and add to the mixture. Allow it to cool. It will also thicken. This will take about ten minutes. Once it cools add lots of chopped walnuts and mix well. Lastly take any unsalted biscuits and break in to pieces. Do not crush or blend them. Add the biscuits to the mixture as well and mix well again.

Take a pretty serving dish and spread butter over it and pour the mixture in to it. You may need to use a spoon as the mixture may be quite thick. If you find the smell of egg too strong you can add a bit of vanilla essence to the mixture. Freeze it. This dessert needs to be eaten in its frozen form.

It tastes good when you put a scoop of vanilla ice cream over it and pour hot chocolate sauce over it. It also tastes just as good as it is. You can store this even for a month so if you have it ready you can use it as a dessert for any party. It comes in handy for the unexpected visitor as well as it may so happen that you have nothing else to offer them.

It is great for a birthday party. The kids will surely enjoy this more than the birthday cake. If you are planning to store it for a longer period of time then do so in a steel container rather than your glassware. You can still remove it in bowls before serving.