Fruit Diet

Though Fruit Diet seems similar to vegan and vegetarian diet, in really, it differs from the two by a smaller margin. A vegetarian diet does not include fish, meat and products obtained from them like gelatin, lard etc but includes milk, honey, other dairy products and eggs.

A vegan diet includes only vegetables and excludes dairy and egg products. A fruitarian diet goes beyond a vegan diet and excludes all vegetables with the exception of fruits. It excludes those parts of plants which involve destruction of plant such as potatoes, carrots, spinach etc. The simple concept of a fruit diet is that no harm should be caused to the plants.

People usually follow Fruit Diet for the sake of weight loss, detoxification of their body system and for curative purpose. It is mostly followed during the summer season. The reason behind this may be that toxins get accumulated in our body during the cold season, which needs to be flushed out from the body system to maintain good health.

A Fruit Diet is simple and uncomplicated. You don’t need to put in extra effort to follow this diet. You can eat a variety of fruits both fresh as well as dried ones. Fruit juices also occupy an important place in this diet. Fruits like citrus fruits, particularly grapefruits, lemons and oranges are very useful for the detoxification process. Hence intake of these fruits and their juices is necessary to eliminate the waste products.

While following a Fruit Diet, you can start your day with high calorie fruits such as mangoes, bananas or grapes. This will keep you supplied with energy throughout the day. Do not have the next fruit meal until you are a bit hungry. On hectic days you should consume more amounts of fruits and on days with no work, you should limit your intake. Two glasses of fruit juice are required each day to keep you healthy.

The Fruit Diet will energize and vitalize you, resulting in good stamina and allergy-free body. Your skin will get healthier and have radiant look and your eyesight will improve significantly. The fruit Diet will also increase your mental ability.

A Fruit Diet can lead to deficiency of many nutrients such as Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, calcium, iron, riboflavin etc. Hence, you must take care to identify the fruit sources of these nutrients and consume them in sufficient quantity.