Guide For Women to Stay Fit And Healthy

Most women are forced to follow a sedentary lifestyle. They find it difficult to shuttle between job and family. Carried away by work pressure, they fail to spend time for themselves.

However, several women are making regular work out as a part of their routine. They have realized the importance of exercising and have started spending some time in gym.

For working women, who have started working out, there are few tips that would be useful to make them stick to the physical training.A sudden interest in working out may cause them to spend long hours in gym.

They prefer to practice hard work outs and plan to do cardio exercises as much as possible in order to reduce weight at the earliest. This is quite impossible as it might lead to fatigue during work. Strenuous exercising also has the potential to turn the total system upside down and make a person totally exhausted.

Women who try to reduce weight in certain parts of the body get exhausted soon. It is not possible to burn fat in determined parts of the body. Body reacts to work out by evenly burning calorie throughout the body. Some women attempt to work out for lower parts for a long time thinking that the effort would burn the fat there.

This leads to unwanted tiredness. For better results, one should try cardio exercises. Cardio exercises are purely intended to burn additional calories. Once when the body is back in shape, one can throw in additional effort for tightening and toning the skin wherever required.

There are research papers to prove that weight cannot be reduced merely by working out. A healthy diet will provide strength to work out and enough energy to juggle between job and family. Working women should consume calcium rich and protein rich diet.

This will make sure that the bones gain enough power to walk, climb stairs and work out. Additionally, menstrual cycle should be given due importance. Date fruits and green vegetables are rich sources of iron that increase hemoglobin levels and help in avoiding anemic situation.

This also enables painless work out during menstruation
. Such natural diets guarantee a smooth menopause as well. A good diet accompanied by work out for a significant amount of time reduces stress to a great extent.

Weight training exercise makes women strong
. There is a wrong impression that heavy weights cause bone or muscle complication or could give women a wrong shape. Actually the secretion of testosterone in women is far lesser than in men. This hormone is required for the tightening of muscle.

Therefore, such exercises improve the stamina rather than building muscles. This also enhances power in upper and lower body making faster movements easy for a woman. This helps the working women stay active both at home and at work.