Health Benefits of Cherries

We all know that iron is the most important nutrient required by our body systems for the formation of hemoglobin. Especially in women, good amount of hemoglobin is necessary. According to world health organization 50% of girls, 40% of pregnant women and 20% adult women are the worst victims of iron deficiency, which leads to problem of anemia in their body. Isn’t it sad?

Fret not! You would be glad to read that cherries can help in alleviating the problem of anemia in a big way. Adolescent girls need good amount of iron since they are in their growing ages. In addition, the menstruation factor puts them at iron deficiency problem many times. Likewise, pregnant women and lactating mothers too need good amount of iron to feed their foetus or infant.

Cherries can prove great for them in avoiding any kind of iron deficiency since they are highly loaded in iron content. Moreover, you would be glad to read that not only cherry’s regular consumption helps in alleviating anemia, but it also helpful in treating various of gynecological diseases that are caused by iron deficiency.

Cherries are rich in medicinal values as per traditional Chinese medicines. You would be glad to read that every part of cherries can be used as a medicine. Cherries, if regularly consumed in daily diet helps in providing vital energy, treating limbs numbness and rheumatic lumbocurral pain.

While buying cherries, select the ones with stems. Also, look for color and peel of cherries. The best temperature to store cherries in refrigerator is one below zero. Since cherries can be destroyed easily, it’s best to handle them with extra care and gentleness. Cherries are rich in phosphorous, vitamin C, sugar, carotene, and proteins.

You would be little surprised to know that they are much more nutritious than apples and pears. Application of cherries juice helps in eliminating wrinkles and freckles. In addition, it helps in alleviating skin discoloration. Moreover, you can easily achieve rosy, fair complexioned skin with cherry juice application on regular basis. Application of cucumber juice with cherries pulp also helps in getting soft, silky skin. Moreover, you can also prepare a mixture of milk and cherries pulp and apply on your skin to get healthy looking skin.