Health Benefits of Juniper Berries

Juniper tree is an evergreen shrub having 4-6 inches of height, largely found in plains of Europe. You would be little surprised to read that as the name suggest juniper berry is not a true berry, but a female seed cone of a fruit formed by different juniper trees.

They have fleshy and merged scales, they are also known by names of Juniper Bush and Juniper Bark. Juniper berry can be found in colors like violet, blue, purple, or black-brown. It is famous for flavoring gin, but ancient Greeks and many others used it to get relief from various body ailments. Read the article below to find out juniper berry health benefits !

You would be glad to read that tea prepared from juniper berries can be used to treat joint pain and soreness.

The juniper berries extract is used to prepare essential oils, which are used in aromatherapy.

The great news is that juniper berries are rich in anti-mucus, sudorific, diuretic, anti-bacterial properties. In addition to this, they have depurative, anti-fungal, and stimulant properties as well.

As juniper berries are loaded with powerful antiseptic properties, you can crush and apply them to heal the body wounds.

Juniper berries are also rich in astringent properties, therefore they can be used to cure toothaches and strengthening gums in an easy way.

The oil prepared from juniper berries can be very effective to treat gout, cancer, rheumatism, gastrointestinal infections and respiratory problems. In addition, this oil can be used to expel worms as well as building up of uric acid in urine.

Apart from providing number of healthy benefits, you would be amazed to read that regular consumption of juniper berries helps in losing weight too.

The oil derived from juniper berries can wonderfully treat various kinds of aches and skin infections.

As juniper berries are rich in carminative properties, they can be great for curing flatulence and gas in a natural way.

Juniper berries also help in treating indigestion and other kinds of digestive disorders like heartburn, bloating and belching. Moreover, they also help in curing diabetes and menstrual ailments.

Juniper berries helps in keeping urinary tract clean by aiding in excretion process of body thus avoiding bladder infections, cystitis and urethritis.