Healthy Diet for Healthy Hair

Hey girls and guys, do you know that the best way to get shiny, lustrous, and healthy hair, one need to concentrate most on the food that he or she takes in their regular diet. Healthy, sparkling hair is certainly the result of healthy body and healthy food intake. Remember that there are certain food items that can make your hair strong and radiant. Read the article below, it guides you on these food items, which if you incorporate in your diet can provide you healthy and shiny tresses.

Do you know that one-fourth weight of your strand is made up of water? Sufficient amount of water intake in your diet helps you to get supple and soft hair. So drink plenty of water, especially during summers! Good amount of water in your body keeps hair silky and shiny.

You would be little surprised to read that your hair primarily consist of proteins. So enrich your diet with protein rich sources like milk, milk products, pulses, curd, cereals, fishes, cheese, etc. Intake of protein rich sources helps in giving strength to your body plus prevents hair breaking and splitting.

Minerals are other important nutrients require for proper growth of hair. Remember that it carries oxygen to your hair; therefore one should regularly consume iron rich food items like red meat, dark green vegetables (spinach, broccoli, fenugreek leaves) in your diet.

Insufficient intake of iron in your diet can make your hair dead and dull due to insufficient transfer of oxygen to hair follicles. Zinc intake helps in preventing hair loss, so include food items rich in zinc like meat and seafood in your diet. Regular intake of copper rich sources like nuts, meat, fresh vegetables, helps in improving the natural color of your hair.

Do you know when your diet is full of necessary vitamins; it can result into proper growth of your hair. For keeping the scalp in healthy condition, enrich your diet with vitamin A sources like carrots, spinach, etc. Also vitamin B and C are required for natural hair growth and hair color and for avoiding split ends problem, so include them in your diet as well.