Healthy Diet For Those Over 50

Diet For Those Over 50  People in the modern age have now become used to higher longevity and therefore, views about age have also changed. While 40 was earlier considered to be a threshold for moving towards old age, that age has now been revised to 50.

Hence, considerations for a healthy life after 50 have started poking people. And this can be achieved with a healthy diet that is suited for people above 50.

It not only keeps the body in good shape, it helps to ward off diseases, improves immunity, greatly improves the body’s energy levels and keeps the memory sharp. Thus, a healthy diet for those over 50 acts as an absolute boon.

But, what should you include in your healthy diet? The diet must be enriched with adequate portions of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, egg and lean meat which offer essential nutrients and proteins to the body. However, since the dietary requirements for men and women differ, the diet plan for everyone is not the same. Let’s take a look at a healthy diet for those over 50.

Healthy Diet For Those Over 50 

The Basic Guidelines

A healthy diet plan always borders along certain basic guidelines. Since, aging reduces the body’s metabolic rate, a person above 50 years of age need to incorporate foods that fulfil their daily calorific needs. So, depending on the kind of lifestyle one leads, the calorie requirements also vary.

While a sedentary woman would need around 1600 calories on a daily basis, those leading slightly active to very active lifestyles need to have a meal that supplies 2000 to 2200 calories respectively. Similarly, for men, this range varies between 2000 to 2800 calories.

best Diet For Those Over 50

But, how do you source these calories? The calories must be obtained from healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, lean meat and low-fat dairy products like skimmed milk and yogurt.

Apart from these, you must also have a lot of whole grains in your dietary regime. A conscious abstinence from extremely sweet, oily and junk foods would also keep you in good health.

A daily multivitamin supplement can also be quite helpful for those over 50. Calcium and Vitamin B12 supplements are particularly necessary for keeping the body in good shape.

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Diet for Men Above 50

Depending on their lifestyle needs, the food habits of men and women must differ. A man above 50 can have a healthy diet with at least 2 to 3 cups of fruits and vegetables. Along with this, you also need to supplement your diet with healthy fats obtained from lean meat, fish and nuts.

It is best to cook food with olive oil and maintain good health. A daily exercise routine comprising cardio, strength training or weight training can be tried out. You can also try some meditation and yoga for long term benefits.

Food for Women Above 50

Women above 50 tend to become more fragile than men. Therefore, they must get a good supply of calcium and Vitamin D. Daily intake of milk, eggs, fish, lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, yogurt and fortified cereals are particularly beneficial. Couple it up with a daily exercise routine and enjoy a great life.