Healthy Eating For Older People

Much hue and cry is there about the eating habits of children where as importance is not given for eating a healthy and balanced diet for elderly people. Eating a variety of foods and balanced diet is important for every one. Eating good food makes older people more enjoyable as well as it keep them to stay healthy and active.

When people get older the need of calories also decline at the same time the elderly still needs sufficient nutrients and vitamins. Their diet has no difference. Elderly people should be provided healthy foods as well as they need support for eating it. They need a nutrient dense diet like fish, meat and vegetables.

It Is To Be Made Sure That The Elderly Are Eating Plenty Of 

Starch And Fiber Rich Food

They should eat bread, pasta, cereals, rice and potatoes which are starch and fiber rich foods.  These are having low contents of fat and there are other sources of essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals and proteins. Eating fiber rich food helps to prevent constipation and it also reduces some of the intestine disorders. Some of the other sources of fiber are oats, beans, peas, lentils, vegetables and fruits and these are to be added in the list of diet.

Iron Rich Foods

Iron is the primary and most important requirements for our body.  The best source of iron can be red meat.  In addition to the same it is also found in pulses, eggs, bread, oily fish and vegetables.

Iron Rich Foods

Eating liver is a good iron source but it also contains vitamin A which may be harmful.

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Vitamin C Rich Foods And Drinks

Green vegetables, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, fruits containing citrus are the good source of vitamin C. Fruit juice is also a good source of vitamin C. Older people are advised to eat sufficient quantities of vitamin c rich foods.

Foods Containing Folic Acid

To maintain good health in old age folic acid is required which is available in green vegetables and brown ice, bread and cereals.

Calcium Contained Foods

One of the major health issues for older people especially for women is osteoporosis. When the density of the bones reduces, the fracture risk increases.  Calcium rich foods are dairy products like milk, butter, cheese etc. Calcium which is found in canned fish with bones is also advisable to eat in sufficient quantity. Green leafy vegetables like broccoli, cabbage are also a good source of calcium.