Healthy Fast Foods

Fast foods are something people like to eat and many of them love its taste and are cheap as well. But the most unfortunate thing about fast foods is that they are not healthy and adds a lot of calories with a single meal.

Moreover fast foods are low in nutrition, high in saturated fats, trans fats, sodium etc. A usual fast food meal that consists of a sandwich, a drink and a few fries provides 1700 calories.

As people are becoming more health conscious most of the fast food chains have included healthy fast foods in their menu and while choosing the fast food care should be taken to follow some rule such as Pick the smallest size burger, grilled chicken sandwiches, low fat dressings and sauces and ask for diet soft drinks or preferably water.

Substitute the fatty non vegetarian pieces with lean meat or vegetarian items, use one or two slices of lower fat cheeses, mustard sauce instead of mayonnaise and prefer whole grain bread and can also avoid the top slice and eat the sandwich open faced.

Also take care to avoid super sized pieces, breaded or fried fish or chicken, chicken nuggets, onion rings, extra cheese, high fat sauces, dressing etc. In order to quench the craving for fast food one can make low calorie fast food at their home and one such is the low calorie chicken burger which is a high protein fast food.

Following is a simple recipe for chicken burger


Ground chicken breasts– one pound
Grated medium sized carrot- half cup
Minced green onions– two
Crushed garlic- one clove
Warmed hamburger buns- four
Sliced lettuce leaves, cucumber, green onions


Combine the ground chicken, grated carrots, minced garlic and green onion and shape this mixture in to four, three and a half inch sized round patties on a butter paper. Keep these patties over medium heat on grills for 12 minutes or till the juice run out clearly from the patties.

Keep the patties on warm half buns on top of cucumber and lettuce leaves and top the patties with green onions and close it with the other half of the bun. Each burger provides 275 calories, 24 gram carbohydrate, 30 gram protein, 2 gram fiber, 72 mg cholesterol, 310 mg sodium and 5 gram total fat.